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About us
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Welcome to the Wildside; Oslo’s wildest fantasy & fetish parties.


Wildside parties are a playground for people who dare to explore sensuality beyond the bedroom. A place where you can confidently dress up in latex, leather, drag, corsets, uniforms and other fetish attire, in the company of like-minded people.

A place where you wear your most outrageous outfit without being bothered, while at the same time being able to appreciate the fetish fashions. It's a place to see and to be seen.


Wildside encourages play, fun, flirting and sensuality within a safe environment.

Our parties are for all those who wish to add more erotic thrill to their everyday life.

We offer a scene where you can explore your fantasies, your dark, hidden desires, and let your alter-ego out of the closet, without the need to fit in a specific fetish clique.

What new fetish would you like to explore?


Wildside parties take place at hired venues catering for different themes. We set the scene, so you can show off your fetish flair, explore some kinky play with your friends, or simply sit back and appreciate the shows, sensual installations and veritable fetish parade of your fellow party guests.


Our ticketing policy requires advance purchase with a limited number of tickets for each party, thus elevating the party attendance to be more exclusive to only those who are serious about their fetish. We do not offer door sales, and tickets sales often finish a few days before each event, so be sure to get your tickets with plenty of notice.


We welcome new boyfriends, old lovers, established couples, all the single people, straight, queer, trans, crossdresser, sensual, erotic, kinky, poly people and generally party-loving individuals over the age of 20 that follow the dress code.

The dress code varies depending on the theme. Please see the guidelines of the relevant party and follow them. Changing areas and cloak check are available at the events, so you can travel to the party in discretely and in comfortable outerwear.


We have a photo ban in all our parties, but we also provide a designated photographer for those who want to have their pictures taken.

The photographer will only take pictures of you if you agree.

We make sure no one is recognized in the background, which has not explicitly said yes to being photographed, so no need to panic when the photographer comes strolling.


Stay in touch! Like us on Facebook, befriend us on Fetlife, follow us on Instagram, or contact us by email to receive the most up-to-date information before every event.

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