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Fetish Fantasy

Date: 09.09.2023

Doors open at 21:00

Address: Chateau Neuf
             Slemdalsveien 15

We welcome you into the realm of fantasy,

fairy tales, and pixie dust.


Step into a world ruled by magic, with howling wolves, sexy princesses, talking animals, sharp fangs and dark forces. 


Watch out for the naughty pixies, the alluring sirens and the enchanting Neck. Don’t wander too far alone or the Hulder might lure you into the woods


Welcome to the adult side of the fantasy world where every fairytale is a fantasy, but not every fantasy is a fairytale.


Pick your favourite fairytale, saga, legend, myth, fable, folklore or fantasy creature, or just let your own imagination run wild. Sex it up and then sex it up some more.


Link to our inspirational Pinterest:


The darkroom opens at midnight, bigger and better than ever before. Do you dare venture inside?


For the early birds awaits welcome drinks, giveaways, trinkets and several treasure hunts with amazing loot if you can solve the puzzles.


Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Choose your ticket class when purchasing.


Doors open at 21:00.

We hope to see you all!!


…and don’t pull anyone's tail - you never know.


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