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Code of Conduct

These rules are designed to ensure that your visit is safe, entertaining, and comfortable. To ensure fairness, there is only one set of rules and they apply to everyone, regardless of who you might be.

1. Have fun!

Relax, and let out your alter ego! Whatever you want to be for the night, this is the place to explore your wild side!

2. No effort = no entry, no exceptions.

Don’t make us turn you away at the door! Dress to impress and remember that you are dressing up (or down) just not for you but for everyone else to enjoy as well.

Not sure what to wear? See our “Dress code guidelines”.

3. Consent is king.  

Be polite, kind, respectful with an open mind and attitude, no matter who you meet.​ Be on your best behaviour and respect a “No”. Remember, people are allowed to say “No” as well as “Hell Yes!”.


4. Our parties are ‘Off The Grid’.

Absolutely no recording devices of any type are permitted at the party. This includes, but is not limited to, computers, cell phones and related accessories, e.g., earbuds and headsets, cameras, digital and film, and PDAs.

Photography is not permitted by anyone other than on duty staff photographers. If you want to get a photo, we always provide a complimentary glamour photo booth where you can get your photo taken.

5. If something concerns you, alert a staff member.
If you see something that concerns you, inform a staff member so we can deal with it while keeping your identity anonymous. Do not take the matter into your own hands no matter what, inform us if you have any concerns.

6. Tobacco, Alcohol And Drug Policy:

It is not permitted to smoke anywhere on the premises.

It is not permitted to be heavily intoxicated.

It is not permitted to be under influence of illegal drugs.

It is not permitted to take, request, offer or sell drugs.

7. No Soliciting!

Soliciting is strictly forbidden and we will ban for all perpetuity anyone soliciting on our premises.

We retain the right to pursue it to the maximum extent of the law.

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